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House Rules & Theater Etiquette

General Information

For the enjoyment of all of our guests, and those around you, please be mindful and respectful. Guests who are not following house rules may be asked to leave without a refund.
  • To ensure aisles are kept clear for emergency exists, infant carriers, strollers, and walkers must be stored in the lobby during rehearsals and performances.
  • Please keep hallways, doorways, and aisles clear.
  • Food, beverages, candy, and gum are strictly prohibited in the auditorium and on stage. Please enjoy concession beverages and snacks in the lobby. Covered water bottles may be taken into the auditorim.
  • Lost items may be retrieved from lost and found. Please contact a staff member for assistance.
  • Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, smoking, and weapons are strictly prohibited at the Playhouse and surrounding premises.
  • Use cell phones in the lobby or courtyard. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in the auditorium, dressing rooms and backstage.
  • Unauthorized photography or recording of any kind is strictly prohibited.


Tickets for any Palmdale Playhouse performance may be purchased online or in person at the box office the day of an event (applicable fees will apply). All visitors will be required to have a ticket, including infants. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Seat assignments are selected as orders are processed, according to what seat(s) are "best available" within your requested section. Once your order is processed, seat assignments cannot be changed. All tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Please call the Playhouse if you have any special seating requests, 661/ 267-5684.

The Palmdale Playhouse is open only during city-authorized events and is closed to the public at all other times. A ticket purchase may be required for event entry.

Theater Etiquette

The following practices are standard theater customs observed in amateur and professional theaters and carried out at the Palmdale Playhouse.
  • Performers and crew members must remain backstage and are not permitted to be seen by the audience prior to a performance. Performers and crew members should never be in the lobby, courtyard or concessions are until after a performance has concluded.
  • Following a performance, performers may visit in the lobby once they are completely out of costume and dressed in street clothes.

Rehearsal & Performance Policies

  • All performers and crew members must arrive at their call time and attend all tech and dress rehearsals. Failure to rehearse may result in expulsion from the performance.
  • All tech and dress rehearsals are closed. Parents should plan on remaining in the courtyard or dropping off participants for the duration on rehearsals. Rehearsal disruptions delay the entire production schedule.
  • Food, beverages, guest, and visitors are not permitted in the dressing rooms, backstage or in the auditorium.
  • Performers must remain backstage and are not permitted in the auditorium without the stage manager's approval.
  • Photography and recording is not permitted without prior approval of the stage manager or director.
  • Keep backstage areas tidy. Empty all trash cans daily. Staff can provide trash bags.
  • Please park in the Playhouse parking lot. The loading dock must be kept clear of vehicles. Parking near the loading dock is prohibited.
  • An entrance designated for performers and crew members is located beyond the back gate, at the loading dock. Do not enter at the front doors.
  • Restrooms designated for performers and crew members are available in the dressing room and workshop.
  • Water coolers are located in the dressing room and stage right hallway.
  • All guests of performers or crew members are required to wear a Playhouse back stage pass. To obtain a pass, please see a Playhouse staff member. Passes must be returned at the end of the engagement.
  • To remain compliant with Fire Code Regulations, do not prop open or unlock doors. Only the dressing room door may be propped open or unlocked.
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